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This NY Child Support Calculator is designed to give accurate results for parents that earn W-2 Wages less than or equal to $118, 500.00 (the Social Security Maximum Threshold), and/or Self-Employment income of any amount (less the deduction for the Self-Employment Contributions Act).

The FICA, SECA and NYC/Yonkers Tax deductions are calculated automatically. This calculator does not make adjustments for combined incomes exceeding $141,000.00, the same CSSA percentages will be applied.

The Custodial Parent is the parent that has custody, or is the primary residential parent.

The purpose of this NY Child Support Calculator is for information only. This NY Child Support Calculator is based on statutory guidelines, but the Court has the final authority to determine the amount of child support awarded.

The numbers provided are only estimates and are not a guarantee of the amount of child support that will be awarded. Other factors may affect the amount of child support awarded. Consult an Attorney for more detailed information.

In addition to this basic child support obligation, both parents may be required to pay their pro-rata share of the children's medical insurance coverage, uninsured medical costs, and child care costs (required to enable the custodial parent to work or attend college or vocational training).

The calculations are based on:

2011 FICA = 7.65%
2011 Self-Support Reserve = 135% of $11,770.00 (2015 HHS Poverty Level Figure for Single Person Family).
SECA = 15.3% of 92.35% of Gross Annual Self-Employment Income.

The Source for the FICA Information is here.

The Child Support Percentages Are:

One Child = 17%
Two Children = 25%
Three Children = 29%
Four Children = 31%
Five or More = 35%